Qui est le photographe Manfred Baumann ?
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Qui est le photographe Manfred Baumann ?

Manfred Baumann est un photographe autrichien. Il vit et travaille entre Los Angeles et l’Europe. Il a photographié nombre de célébrités telles que William Shatner, Michelle Rodriguez, Sir Roger Moore, Tony Curtis, Lionel Richie, Kathleen Turner, John Malkovich, Bruce Willis, Juliette Lewis, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Natalie Portman ou Charlize Theron.

Manfred Baumann

Manfred Baumann

Au cours des dernières années, il a publié une dizaine d’ouvrages.

Manfred Baumann Sexy Camerawork

Toni GarrnToni Garrn

Meryl StreepMeryl Streep

John MalkovichJohn Malkovich
Photos © Manfred Baumann

Manfred Baumann© Manfred Baumann

Manfred Baumann© Manfred BaumannManfred Baumann© Manfred BaumannManfred Baumann© Manfred BaumannManfred Baumann© Manfred BaumannManfred Baumann© Manfred BaumannManfred Baumann© Manfred BaumannManfred Baumann© Manfred Baumann

Manfred Baumann travaille principalement le nu artistique, le voyage et le portrait pour la publicité et la presse magazine.
J’ai eu l’occasion de le contacter pour lui poser quelques questions sur son travail et on peut dire qu’il n’a pas le temps de s’ennuyer.

Antony Barroux : How did you get started with photography and what inspired you to follow the path you are on now?

Manfred Baumann : At the age of 10 years I got my first camera (Praktika) from my grandfather. He was a photographer in the 2nd World War. At the age of 20 I decided to become a professionnal photographer.

Photo Manfred Baumann

AB : What do you enjoy about your job? Do you have a favourite subject to photograph?

MB : I love it to do something which is lots of fun. I had so much luck to earn my money with my most favourite hobby. I get to know many interesting people, this is one of the most exciting thing about being a photographer.

Actually I have three themes which I present in my exhibitions and in my books.
Fine Nude Art photography
Celebrities – I already portrayed stars like Sylvester Stallone, Paul Anka, John Malkovich, Lionel Richie and many more.

AB : What inspires you most?

MB : As a photographer I always look around my eyes always find something special or let´s say something of which I could take a picture from. I travel a lot and for most peaople travelling is holiday but for me it´s work 😉 I enjoy my journeys. I see the world in small squares – everything is been scanned for a potential picture – I use my physical eyes AND my emotional eyes. Nature, people, animals … everything is inspiration. Everything which brings me in a creative mood is inspiration.

Photo Manfred Baumann

AB : What kind of equipment do you use ?

MB : I use a Canon Eos DS Mark3.

AB : Do you prefer any specific lenses or do you use whatever is appropriate ?

MB : Mostly I use the lense which is appropriate in the situation.

AB : It’s always hard to determine when the artwork is finished, where do you draw the line as a finished piece ?

MB : That´s a hard quesion, of course you can always find something which you can change or try to make better. But for me this is some kind of a feeling. If the picture is ready in my eyes than it is ready. Sure I have a final look when I decide to put the picture in a book or for an exhibition or for a magazine.

AB : Lighting is a big issue when taking photograph of a model, are most of your work taken in your studio or somewhere else ?

MB : I like to work with different light settings in the studio – so I use highlights and diffused light. Lately I had a fashionshooting where I worked with 4-5 different lightsettings. I like the light seetings which are used in american movies or series for exemple CSI Miami/New York. I lived for two years in toronto where I get closed in touch with this kind of work. If I had the possibility I try to work with this guidelines. When I work outdoor I always try to work with natural light. Although the light does not seem to be perfect – you never know which interesting effect you achieve.

Photo Manfred Baumann

AB : Where have you been photographing recently ?

MB : Lately I have been to Dubrovnik in Croatia where I took pictures of John Malkovich and some good friends. Last week I had also a short trip to Egypt where I worked for my next exhibition and book.

AB : Do you remenber your first photography sale ?

MB : Yes of course I remember my first sale … It was a beautiful landscape photography which I took in Greece. It´s been now 20 years ago. 🙂

AB : What is he photo that you are most proud of ?

MB : Actually it´s a picture I took in New York. I love that one because for it´s spirtitedness. Everytime you watch that picture you´ll see something new. That´s what I like and what´s the credo of my travelphotographs is. The picture tells you a story or every detail in this picture is telling you something – the people walking around, why does the man look the way he does? … I love that. And for all Roger Moore has a handsigned copy of it. He saw the picture in one of my exhibitions and because he was so fascinated I send him a copy as a gift.

AB : What is your photographic events in the next months ?

MB : My next event is my book release – Celebrities. It´s a book for which I worked about seven years. I portrayed international and national stars. Then I´ll have some courses and fairies which are special for photographers. The next big project will be may stay in L.A. for about one month. Also exhibitions … I never stop. I am always busy but I like that. It´s fun most of the time.

Photo Manfred Baumann

AB : What quick advice do you have for someone who wants to improve his or her photography skills ?

Hard work – five things are important:
– You have to have a goal
– You need a plan to reach your goal
– You need patience
– Enthusiasm for your goal
– And the last thing, you need love for your job.

AB : Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

Site officiel : http://manfredbaumann.com/

Antony Barroux
Antony Barroux
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